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February 9, 2009

The iPod Wedding-The Sad, Sorry Truth Revealed!

Image found at Angel Zapien.com: Cabo San Lucas, MX Wedding Videographer

Way back in February 2007, I wrote one of my first blog posts on "Why You Should Not Hire an iPod to DJ Your Wedding".

Fast forward 2 years and I'm going to revisit this topic because it is too important to be hidden back in blog archive land.

Now remember, I LOVE iPods. I have 2 of them and I also think they DO have their place within certain aspects of a wedding but they are no replacement for a live professional who will keep the events flowing smoothly , allow your guests to be the guests and keep the energy "up" all night long so the dance floor stays full! 

For the record, the guy or gal in the tacky sequined suit/hat or whatever, sitting by bored or being the overbearing and tacky jerk playing all "his/her" favorites is NOT a professional. 

As I was reading the blog of my friends and one of my most trusted wedding professional partners, Sight N' Sound Events, I noticed Jodi Harris, owner & "CEO of Fun" had posted an article on this very topic recently. In the post, Jodi shared an article from the American Disc Jockey Association (of which she is a member) on "The Truth About iPod Weddings".

You can read the article and see the video at: http://www.adja.org/general/ipodwedding.asp

It's an excellent article from an association of fellow event professionals that I highly respect who truly care about raising the bar of excellence for disc jockeys and educating both colleagues and consumers about the value of working with a professional; especially at such a monumental event as a wedding. Trust me, the difference is glaringly unfortunate, expensive and alas, too late.

The video that accompanies the article is produced by the ADJA. It's a real life, unedited wedding where the iPod was the DJ. I am 1oo% certain this video and the article should settle the issue and many will realize the iPod DJ route is generally "penny wise and pound foolish". 

Thanks Sight N' Sound Events and ADJA for the link, the article and information.

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