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February 3, 2009

Wide Awake in "Napa" Feb. 3 for WIPA Event!

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge is headed to Napa, CA today for a wedding industry event put on by WIPA (Wedding Industry Professionals Association), the first non-profit trade association specifically for the wedding industry. I am proud to be a "Founding Member of WIPA". 

Through my affiliation with this amazing organization, I have met so many incredibly talented and wonderful people over the last few months, including just last week at The Special Event Show in San Diego, where WIPA had it's first real introduction as a new association to the greater special events world. 

Another perk is that I have been enjoying some pretty great day trips to California including my first trip to Napa which I am so excited for. I just wish I had time to stay longer.

Our host for this meeting will be the lovely Brooke Baglietto from one of the finest resorts in the Napa/Sonoma area, the Carneros Inn

The topic is "Protecting Your Creativity" and in the world of Special Events, this is a big deal! 

Ok, I'll tell you why. Because our reputations and futures of our businesses are based on our ideas and creativity and success of our events which you see in images. When someone takes those images, or writes copy or professes to have been involved in an event they were not without giving credit to the planner, designer, florist, or photographer or writer, that is plagiarism - stealing, plain and simple. 

It should matter to you because that reflects a lack of integrity, good judgement and...a lack of real creativity. Those are pretty important traits that should be in a wedding consultant or any wedding professional! If they can't be honest enough to respect their fellow wedding professionals (whether they know them or not), how can you trust they will ever have your best interests at heart?

If they are unimaginative and lack the inquisitiveness to do their own research and create their own ideas, how creative can they be for you to help you bring forth your ideas for your wedding?

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