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June 18, 2009

Are You Really Enjoying Your Las Vegas Wedding?

Grooms @MGM Grand on their way to their double wedding!
Image taken by Tracey Kumer-Moore

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge met these these two "dapper" blokes (and a whole bunch of their mates) from England earlier this week while at the MGM Grand! They were on their way to meet their brides and celebrate their weddings in a double wedding at one of the chapels on the strip (didn't mention which one).

So yes, these two maybe be propagating the stereotypical good bad & ugly and wacky, tacky "Vegas Wedding", but I've got to tell ya, I could not have been more happy to see these two fellas having the time of their lives (at the best time of their lives) and really enjoying and embracing what Las Vegas Weddings are all about!

FUN...YES, they are about FUN!

Whether plain and simple, extravagant and elegant, sexy and sophisticated or just plain slap-happy, silly in love, Las Vegas weddings are about setting yourself free from the conventional and just embracing the romance of your love and celebrating it with your friends in Style. Here are three tips for you...

  • Plan a great wedding to start (regardless of what your budget is; there is something for everyone here) by finding solid & talented wedding professionals (Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge can assist you with this from consults to full planning & production of course)!
  • Embrace your imagination and be bold; try something interesting on (maybe not the gold suit), but be open to ideas to take your vision and your party (no matter the size) to where it will be memorable-the fashion, entertainment, food, whatever!
  • Trust your instincts, trust your wedding professionals, enjoy yourselves & HAVE A BLAST!
I wonder how the brides were dressed?:)!!

Did you enjoy YOUR Las Vegas Wedding? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment & let me know something special about how you celebrated your fabulous day?

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Beth said...

We definitely enjoyed our Vegas wedding. The best part was how relaxed we were. We sat out by the pool until an hour before the ceremony, got dressed and got married! No fuss, no stress, just me and my wonderful husband!