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December 30, 2009

Some "Wedding Wisdom" for Us All

Jacket Cover Image of “Wedding Wisdom” book

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Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge highly recommends to you, my readers this new book authored by well known professional Los Angeles based Wedding Planner, TV personality & author, Mary Dann-McNamee, and created with Leila Khalil, wedding publicist and owner of her PR firm, Be InspiredPR, also in L.A.

The book is called “Wedding Wisdom: An Insightful Approach to Wedding Planning and Life”

Whether you are a newly engaged couple just beginning your wedding planning adventure, in the throes of planning an upcoming celebration or a wedding professional (but planners are the focus), this book is for YOU.

Mary offers, with an easy writing style and personal antidotes, her wealth of life and wedding/event planning experience & wisdom to help you properly prepare (practically, mentally, physically and spiritually) for the planning ahead (be it your wedding & marriage or your wedding business) so that you can completely enjoy the exciting journey you are about to immerse yourself in over the course of the next year and years ahead.

It’s an easy and fun read with many life lessons that can’t be repeated often enough or translated often enough, as Mary so aptly does, especially when it comes to planning such an important life event as a wedding.

Advice on how we should express “Thank You” as often as possible (in person, by phone, by card) and being grateful to all those that give you their time, their talents, their passion and their love, up to and including the wedding day & every day in business and in life a habit that will pay you back & forwards in dividends.

And Mary’s advice (and I will agree 100% with her on this) not to forget to thank yourself by taking care of you, being fair to yourself, expecting great things but accepting life’s way of adding its own special touches to your plans and loving the results anyway.

The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.-Bertrand Russell

I don’t think this quote could be more perfect to describe what “Wedding Wisdom” is about and I am sure Mary & Leila would agree. It was inspired and created by their love, passion and desire for this great wedding business and to share and pass on to you, those values and their wisdom to help inspire you to create a successful business, a beautiful wedding and a beautiful life worth celebrating every day!

Thank you again for the gift of this book Mary and for the wonderful inscription.

You can purchase the book "Wedding Wisdom" right here. Enjoy it and...

Celebrate today with LOVE, LIFE & STYLE!


Leila Khalil said...

thank you Tracey! we worked very hard on the book and your kind words are much appreciated.

Jane said...

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