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August 31, 2010

A Prayer for You on Your Wedding Day

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge found another wonderful wedding oriented article on Aish.com (a Jewish online site for learning).

This was written by Azriel Hirsh Friedman and it is called "Wedding Day Dreams".

Again, the theme resonates for me that these prayers are said or can be said, by any bride and groom and wished for them by their loved ones on their wedding day no matter what your background. I truly believe most of these prayers are universal-every one wants these gifts for their future together

On your wedding day, do try and make time for some silent reflection to thank your higher power (whatever that may be) for the gifts you are receiving; love, support, affection, extended family and to also contemplate for a life blessed with good fortune, good health, joy, love, children and whatever you and your spouse wish to make of your lives together.

Here are a few select excerpts...

"On one’s wedding day, the gates of prayer are wide open. The Jewish mystical sources tell us that on a wedding day, the bride and groom’s power of prayer is greater than even the holiest person alive. You can ask for anything! Yet most of us get so caught up in the details of the day that we forget to tap into this spiritual wellspring.

When I got married, I hadn’t the slightest clue what to pray for. Someone was nice enough to make me a list, so that I wouldn’t miss out on all the blessings for a great marriage and life together.

On your wedding day, I recommend going through this list at a quiet moment, right as you get out of bed in the morning, before everything gets hectic.

And don’t forget: Prayer works best when you open your mouth to speak it out, as opposed to just skimming with your eyes.

Marriage Relationship

May I always speak gently, and think before speaking.

May we always have open, good communication.

May I always act with caring and compassion.

May I have the patience to appreciate our differences.

May we bring out the best in one another"

Read the Entire Article Here.

Thank you for allowing me to pass the list on to my readers!

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