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December 17, 2010

Looking for Stylish Wedding Shoes? Try and TRUMP these!

All images from Ivanka Trump.com

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge is all about shoes!

A girl can NEVER have TOO MANY shoes and that's just a fact of life as far as I'm concerned.

And what is that ultimate "Cinderella" pair themselves? . . . your wedding shoes of course!

They certainly don't have to be glass slippers, but your wedding shoes definitely must be stylish, compliment your wedding gown and be comfortable to dance the night away in. Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge will have none of this "flip flop" sandal business please and thank you. A great alternative though is a pretty pair of ballet flats!

I am so impressed with the new shoe collection from Ivanka Trump, who has now created sexy, stylish and affordable footware that take you from the office to a weekend getaway, the "Red Carpet" to the ultimate runway . . . your wedding aisle!

The "White" collection appeals to the classic bridal look but is hardly traditional with sexy styles like "Aluvia, Asteria, the lace inspired "Diamund" and the satin wrap "Dermani". However, for all you daring brides who want to show off, don't be afraid to rock one of these styles in a hue that gives a whole new meaning to "Something Blue".

Whatever style you choose, do purchase your shoes early enough to have them with you for your final gown fittings, to give you enough time to break them in and practice wearing them so you feel completely beautiful and assured when you slip them on on your wedding day to walk towards your groom.

I do believe I have another item to add to the holiday wish list;)!!

Celebrate Today and Everyday with Love, Life & Style!


Kelsey Anderson said...

Those blue shoes are divine!!!

Tracey Kumer-Moore said...

Kelsey, thanks for following and commenting. Yes, I'm conjuring an argument (albeit a weak one) for needing those in my closet.

Merry Christmas to you:)

las vegas weddings said...

Cute shoes and very nice especially in color. It is simple yet elegant when you paired it with the wedding gown...

The Vegas Weddings said...

Those blue shoes are pretty hot. Not sure how well they would match a wedding dress.