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February 19, 2007

Be Extraordinary

I made sure to catch the Oprah Winfrey show this morning as Celebrity Wedding Planner and Lifestyle Guru, Colin Cowie was Oprah's guest. Click Here to view show details on Oprah's website.Colin has a gorgeous new coffee table book out called "Extraordinary Weddings. From a Glimmer of an Idea to a Legendary Event".

The book itself is absolutely stunning covered in intense hot pink suede.Oprah featured some of Colin Cowie's weddings from this new book and WOW, WOW, WOW (imagine exclamation points here because they don't work in the blog text). Each and every wedding is so exquisite, detailed and definitely OVER THE TOP. And yet, what I love about the events that Colin creates is despite the grandeur of the event, I can find the heart and soul at the center...the couple.

I must say Mr. Cowie; you do inspire me to live life with STYLE and dream of beautiful and extraordinary events for my brides.

An "extraordinary" event or wedding isn't achieved by how much money is spent; it really is about making your day stand out in your memories and those of your family and guests from every other day in your lives past and future. To me, the most extraordinary and memorable weddings and events are those that are thoughtful, gracious and welcoming despite their size. They make me smile, cry, laugh and feel that the hosts or couple truly wanted me there and I was an important part of their celebration.

So as you think about all the special personal touches, details and gestures that that you will incorporate into YOUR wedding, also think how they will be remembered by you and your very special guests long after the day is over. Whether it's a simple hand written card and itinerary accompanied by a single stem of your signature flower in a guest's hotel room, a sweet and heartfelt parting gift from the two of you, or delightfully surprising your guests during the evening with fun and entertaining gestures big or small, they are all appreciated, all endearing and all the elements that go into making your event "extraordinary".

Long after the day is over, the images and memories of you and your happy and smiling guests will be THE benchmark of YOUR "Extraordinary Event".

Have a Stylish Day.

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