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October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween With Love from Vegas & Rocky Horror!

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge could not resist posting this. A Rocky Horror Wedding Ceremony video...in Las Vegas...found just in time for Halloween. 

I LOVE the Rocky Horror Picture Show (saw it 13 times + the stage musical back in the day) and this is Vegas fun and wedding kitch at it's absolute best. You have to admit, these people and their guests are just having a great time and that is what Las Vegas is all about. I always say, if  you can't have fun at your Destination Las Vegas wedding, then what are you coming here to get married for? 

And the venue where all this wedding "madness takes its toll"?....

The famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip. They do everything from traditional weddings to Elvis weddings to Goth, Vampire and Rocky Horror Weddings. These people LOVE what they do and I think it must be a total kick to get to dress up and perform weddings and make people happy to tie the knot  in their style.

So Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun, be safe and enjoy the show!

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