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May 7, 2009

Fabulous Rental Furniture Can Make Your Wedding a "Fete Accomplie"

(c) 2009 Your Wedding Day.com, Cheriefoto

(c) 2009 Your Wedding Day.com, Cheriefoto

Rental furniture for weddings to create intimate lounge environments that help make your guests feel comfortable, relaxed and add an extra layer of wow to your event is no longer a "trend", it's definitely here to stay. That is "a good thing" as Ms. Martha would say. 

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge could not agree more. And one of my absolute favorite companies in the event furnishing rental business these days is Fete Accomplie Events based in the Los Angeles, CA area. 

Fete Accomplie's line of luxury furnishings created just for events encompasses so many adjectives with all the different styles of furniture and accessories they offer it would be a very long list, but sophisticated, opulent, glamorous, sexy, stylish (you knew I was going to say that) are just some of the ones that come to mind. 

Add some of these pieces to your wedding and you will definitely make a statement. The images above are from the fabulous Spring 2009 Your Wedding Day Magazine wedding showcase at the Ebell Club, Los Angeles that I attended recently. 

These two rooms, that I spent the most time in, were furnished with furniture from Fete Accomplie Events.

The phenomenal Marie Antoinette Gone Modern dining room, designed and coordinated by my good friend Jeannie Ward, the Wedding Jeannie, really utilized their "High Style" furniture collection. It was absolutely the most stunningly beautiful space to walk into and I am so proud of my friend! I also got to meet 

For a different look, the "Deco Square Banquettes" provided modern touch of Hollywood Glamour in the Disco Room where everyone partied the night away. 

Furniture is an excellent investment in your wedding reception budget and not as costly as you think. A few well placed pieces will make any room feel like you are welcoming your guests into "your place for a special moment in time". 

You must check out the entire 3 part review of this amazing wedding industry event on the Ebell, LA's blog written by the fabulous Catering Director, Melissa Allen (who is a Vegas native by the way) AND I invite you to visit the Fete Accomplie website to see their amazing Product Showcase (I want it ALL...for my house) and Event Gallery that I know will inspire you. 

It certainly has inspired me and I think I want to live in their warehouse! It is truly a Tracey "Happy Place"!


Anonymous said...

Tracey, I am with you 100% - Fete Accompli's furniture is transformative! I was so sad to see it hauled out! I wish I had pictures of the rattan selections they placed in our courtyard garden - It was perfect! And Wedding Jeannie was so inspired by the pieces they provided for her Marie Antoinette design - I'm so thrilled to know Fete Accompli and the fantastic array of design they have to offer!
Thanks for your 'shout out', my Vegas Sister!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the RAVE Tracey! We were so excited about the gorgeous outcome of our designs featured at the YWD Spring 2009 Launch Party! I look forward to the possibity of working with you down the road!

Fete Accompli

Chelsea Nicole said...

Beautiful furniture! I want them for my house too, lol.

What a cool idea to add a little extra style to a special event.