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May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo! "Viva La Vida", "Viva Las Vegas"!

View of Lounge & Restaurant, Dos Caminos Mexican Kitchen, Palazzo, Las Vegas
View of interior of La Madonna Restaurant


Nevada is home to a very large Mexican and Spanish population and if there is one place that knows how to celebrate it's Las Vegas! Put those two things together and you have the makings of one MAJOR HOLIDAY FIESTA my friends!!

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge would like to wish all my friends who are celebrating their Mexican heritage today (and those who just love the holiday), a very Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Being a Jewish kid from the north east (Toronto), Mexican, Tex Mex and the like, were never really done all that well as I was growing up. For the record, it's MUCH better and easier to find great Mexican food in Toronto now. Anyway, when I moved to Las Vegas and married a Texan, I "discovered" good Mexican food. And although I still can't get my lips around the whole refried beans and guacamole thing...I am warming to some great Mexican cuisine available in Las Vegas beyond the standard taco shops.

Two favorite Mexican Restaurants that Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge loves and who are celebrating Cinco di Mayo in Style today are Dos Caminos Mexican Kitchen at Venetian/Palazzo, Las Vegas on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip and La Madonna Restaurant, located in the southwest of the valley & serving Mexican avante-garde Cuisine. 

The ambience, the food, interesting menu and service at both of these restaurants are absolutely the best and I always have a fabulous time and a great, memorable meal whenever I go to either one. Both places have their own unique vibe and make for a great night out whether you are celebrating a special occasion, a holiday or just to enjoy some great high quality Mexican cuisine and cocktails.

Check them out if you have the chance. Love the Queso Fundido and the White & Chocolate Fondue at Dos Caminos The Tortilla Soup, Queso Flamiado, Steak Alambre and that amazing Street Style Corn at La Madonna have attained "comfort food" status. Don't forget the drinks. Both venues have amazing bars with huge tequila lists for a wide variety of concoctions that will have you saying "Ole" faster than you know.  

Enjoy and if you are visiting Las Vegas and looking for somewhere to celebrate Cinco Di Mayo, here a few other resources for you to check out what's happening in town today. 

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