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January 6, 2010

Wedding Concierge Now Available on Kindle Store!

Just because Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge doesn't have a cool Amazon.com Kindle Wireless Reading Device (yet) doesn't mean I can't take advantage of offering my readers the convenience of reading my "diary"/blog in Kindle form.

As you know, the Kindle is a great way to read your choice of over 400,000+ books, periodicals, blogs and magazines in convenient & super fast digital form, with the ability to preview books, save money & space; it's been the latest buzz!

I'm a self-professed MAJOR tech geek so this is right up my alley to want to dive into this and offer you the opportunity to try it out.

So, now I am proud to say you can have your Kindle and Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge too...

The Diary of a Las Vegas Wedding Concierge is now available for instant download on the Amazon Kindle Store.

The subscription is $1.99 and there is a complimentary 14 day trial (I love Free Trials!!)

If you download the blog, I would love to hear your reviews on how you enjoy reading my blog in this format and what you think about using the Kindle in general. Please share...I love when you share!

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{Ms. P} said...


When I FINALLY get mine, I'll be sure to subscribe...

Juliet Douglas said...

Awesome Tracey! I submitted my requested last night so hopefully it will be accepted and up and running soon too! I hope you get your Kindle soon. :)

I used to be a major tech geek (almost majored in an IT studies program for college) but then I realized I couldn't keep up with the technology!