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August 6, 2007

The Wedding Concierge & The "Design Star"!!

Yep, that's me and Scott Corridan himself, one of the featured designers on this years' version of HGTV's "Design Star" and owner of Corridan and Company in Santa Barbara CA. Scott was also part of the incredibly talented team featured on Extreme Makeover "Wedding Edition".

First of all, Scott really does have the most magnetic blue eyes and the greatest smile and, if you have watched the show, you know he just has the best laugh. He is a very genuine person indeed and he definately has a great design style and way he deals with his brides and clients that make you want to stay and hang out with him.

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott and being part of two presentations that he made at the
NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) Educational Conference; last year in Phoenix, AZ and this year's conference in Houston, TX.

This year Scott was the feature for the Design & Decor session and his challenge was to create, in 24 hours no less, an entire ambience to showcase new ideas for "Seating Beyond the Bar" that was chosen by the conference attendees.

Oh, and did he "get it"!! Scott showcased spaces and ideas that were innovate yet so comfortable; like you were invited to his living room. And that really is what events should be about-having fun and making your space feel like an extension of yourselves and welcoming your guests to a place in time and space that is yours, even just for the night.

The showcase featured floral arrangements that you would see in homes, furniture and lamps from antique stores, and some really out there ideas (but personal to Scott who rides), Harley's used as seating...that's Hot!

I took away a great deal of inspiration on how to help you find that special look that will welcome your guests into "your place" and celebration of love and your style!

Check out some of the images from Scott's Decor & Design Session at NACE and you can surely see why he is a contender on the Design Star Show. Scott, we y'all loved you in Houston, TX and I am rooting for you!!

Have a Stylish Day!!

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